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Found svn E170000 error when use svn update for FreeBSD ports

其實,以前沒發生這情形的,是更新了 svn 1.8.0 後,發生以下的情形。

今天在更新 FreeBSD ports 的時候(改用 svn 的 ports),出現了以下的 Error:

svn: E170000: 無法辨識的 URL 綱要 ''

查了 svn E170000 的 Error,其他人都說,就是 svn 認不得 http, https 這樣的網址,解決方式就是讓 svn 要認得。

那麼,其實很簡單,直接到 /usr/ports/devel/subversion 下 make config,把以下這個 module enable,重編 svn 就好了:

[x] SERF              WebDAV/Delta-V (HTTP/HTTPS) repo access module


FreeBSD enable svn SERF module

而,其實我直接去 google 是比較不好的,因為後來才發現 /usr/ports/UPDATING 寫得好好的:

      AFFECTS: users of devel/subversion

      devel/subversion has been upgraded from 1.7.10 to 1.8.0

      If you want to upgrade, and use http/https access to repositories,
      please check, that the SERF option is enabled, as NEON support
      is gone. Also, mod_dontdothat and svnauthz_validate are
      now eanbled with one option TOOLS, among other new tools
      and SVNMUCC is enabled always.

      subversion-1.7.x is available as devel/subversion17

      To stay on subversion-1.7.x set in /etc/make.conf
      and use the following command

      # pkg set -o devel/subversion:devel/subversion17


      # portmaster -o devel/subversion17 devel/subversion
2013-06-27 02:02:42